About Us

Quanta, Inc can tailor product according to your company’s unique needs for wireless LAN and barcoding applications. We offer products from a select group of leading manufacturers that we deem “best of the breed” — some of whom we represent exclusively. With 802.11 wireless protocols, we can integrate a successful system in short order that will fulfill your project objectives while not being tied to one specific brand name product. In addition to our extensive new and used hardware inventories we have a proven software suite that puts you in the driver’s seat to improve your logistics process. We established a Programming Division in 1985 to address our customers’ increasing need for a data collection total solution. We give you the keys by offering a 30-day no cost hardware evaluation and a custom application. Once you have decided on a package that meets your needs and budget, we can integrate it quickly and seamlessly so that your production is not affected.

Our relationship with our manufacturers spans over a decade and we maintain a Tier-1 Systems Partner classification as well as receiving numerous achievement awards. This partnership has evolved to the point where we have developed a winning combination of Auto-Id technology and wireless solutions directed at a number of vertical markets and businesses worldwide.

We continually provide superior products, a host of training initiatives, and a worldwide presence. End-users can expect seamless integration and a winning combination of on-going support with a host of valued added services.


Quanta, Inc . is committed to providing superior, cost-efficient data collection solutions, in-depth technical support and prompt, efficient customer service. We aim to exceed customer expectations of quality, service and value.