Quanta, Inc.’s powerful barcode scanners, data collection terminals, barcode printers, and software solutions can help you in planning, scheduling, and resource management throughout the supply chain. With barcode systems integrated to your operations, you will gain the control and traceability to optimize inventory levels and identify packages with ease. You will also find significant improvement in inventory management, shipment accuracy, labeling compliance, and integration between distribution operations and enterprise systems.



Educational institutions of all sizes can benefit from Quanta, Inc.’s barcode scanners and labeling solutions to improve institutional operations. Our reliability and ease-of-use barcode scanners and wireless LAN products make your workforce more productive, whether it is in student registration office, cafeteria, health centre, or bookstore.



With increasing competition for your patron’s entertainment dollar, it is tough to sustain or increase your subscriber, revenue, and brand performance. Quanta, Inc. can help you in facing this challenge. We can customize ticket sale plans and easily configure taxes, service charges and discounts, gift certificate, general admission and assigned seating tickets. And at the same time, we can help increase membership and season subscribers.



Quanta, Inc. can help governments to modernize and improve efficiency in their general operation including public safety, personnel administration, voter ID, benefits, military logistics, healthcare medical records, revenue collection, and other public-sector applications. Our barcode and wireless LAN equipment can significantly help reduce paperwork, data entry, and time spent searching for records.

health care

Health Care

Health care staff can utilize barcode techologies for accurately identifying and checking patients and their medication prior to dispensing the drug. Quanta, Inc. offers a wide range of barcode scanners and label printers for use in manual or automated dispensing operations, bedside delivery and documentation, blood bag and lab sample tracking, employee ID, file management, and much more. Count on Quanta, Inc. to help you prevent errors and improve the quality of care.



Quanta, Inc. has the tools to make your patrons happier and your staff more productive. Our mobile handheld terminals, wireless barcode scanners and printers help your staff efficiently by taking meal orders, settling bills, and performing check-in or check out from virtually anywhere in the facility.



Libraries can take advantage of Quanta, Inc.’s broad range of barcode scanners and labeling solutions which will greatly improve the counter, shelf and inventory operations. The combination of our easy-to-use printers and durable media creates barcode labels that will stick with books, video, CDs, and other resources.



In today’s competitive manufacturing environment manufacturers require made-to-order and just-in-time production capabilities in order to gain competitive advantages. By applying barcode control to operations you will reduce waste and scrap, slash lookup and minimize recording time and improve productivity in maintenance, production and administration. You can rely on Quanta, Inc. for complete solutions for more efficient management of raw materials, components, finished goods, as well as communication through plant facilities and back office. We enable your employees to work more efficiently and effectively with timely information that improves the performance of enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

postal parcel delivery

Postal / Parcel Delivery

Quanta, Inc.’s wireless LAN equipment can help you gain competitive advantages with better control and management of your parcel delivery services. With timely and accurate information, your staff can provide quick and efficient services that your customers demand. Quanta, Inc.’s solutions help parcel and post operators reduce operating expenses and create new revenue-producing services. Count on Quanta, Inc. to deliver.



Are you looking for ways to provide exceptional customer services while minimizing costs? Quanta, Inc. can help. With a wide range of barcode and wireless solutions, we can satisfy your comprehensive needs for efficient front-store, back-room, and warehouse operation in the retailing environment. Do you want to save time and reduce costs by managing inventory, customer checkout, shipping and receiving, and labeling efficiently and effectively? Our many bar coding tools can help to equip your employees and provide timely and efficient services.



Your passengers and employees can get where they need to go safely, swiftly, and securely with Quanta, Inc.’s barcode and wireless LAN equipment. This equipment can help in the area of transportation tickets, transfers, and passes anywhere to help reduce lines and improve passenger convenience. Passenger service, employee security, and baggage handling can be more efficiently managed with mobile data collection tools from Quanta, Inc..



Are you looking for ways to improve the operation of your warehousing service business? Quanta, Inc. can help. Productivity perks up when your staff can access information when and where they are needed. Our flexible and rugged mobile barcode scanners and terminals allow your employees to obtain timely information and eliminate time-wasting trips to the central office for information. By avoiding numerous trips back and forth from a centralized office, warehouse workers will be able to take actions quickly and efficiently and hence improve your bottom line.



We understand you as a wholesaler require real-time information to balance supply and demand in order to keep your customers happy while minimizing the inventory level. Quanta, Inc. can put you in control by providing barcode and wireless systems that track and route products from receiving to storage and final shipping. We provide you products with your goals in mind; keep your goods moving; keep your inventory lean; and keep your cash flowing.