Data Collection Technology

RFID Portals and Readers

Industry leading antenna technology for automatically capturing RFID tag reads through portals in zones or shipping and receiving doors, tunnels on production lines, or on pallet readers as part of high-volume cycle count applications. Q-Portal reader application integration to sensors and stack lights help operators accurately capture the right reads at the right time.

RFID Computers and Readers

Radio frequency identification (RFID) capture handheld or touchscreen computers and tablets to best fit the persons needs to read information from RFID tags efficiently as part of their work process. We will help you configure settings for reading the desired RFID tags at the required range.

Barcode Computers and Scanners

Barcode capture handheld or touchscreen computers and tablets to scan information from labels accurately as part of the process flow . We will help you evaluate features for wireless, wired, and integrated imagers for both short-range, or long-range applications.

Wearable Scanners and Readers

Incredibly lightweight, our wearable Bluetooth barcode scanners and radio frequency identification (RFID) readers will save operators time with an ergonomic barcode data capture solution and allow both hands to be free to manage the work.

Industrial and Mobile Label Printers

Direct thermal and thermal transfer technologies for all your product identification needs, whether it be labels or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on high volume industrial printers, space conscious workstation printers, or mobile label printers.

Electronic Display View Tags

With multiple interface options, view tags can fit seamlessly into your existing workflow. Events can be triggered by RFID reads, button pushes, an internal timer, internal motion sensor, or even an external stimulus using the I/O feature of the tag.

Print and Apply Solutions

Quanta provides automated label printer applicators for many product and packaging identification needs. Automated applicators allow the production line to keep moving and avoid the manual labor to peel and adhere the label on the item. Quality is able to be managed as labels are applied to the item in a consistent manner.

Quanta maintains partnerships with all leading manufacturers and suppliers of printers, labels, ribbons, electronic view tags, bar code scanners, and radio frequency identification technology tags, readers and antennas.

Quanta provides all hardware for an end-to-end solution for identifying items and collecting that information. Printers and applicators produce the required labels and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, while our portals, handheld readers, or touch screens reliably capture that item at key business events. We will help you evaluate specific hardware features that may be required to meet your needs.