Data Collection Applications


RFID Reader Management

Purpose built software for automated portal, tunnel and pallet readers to guarantee accurate and reliable RFID data capture through the use of digital I/O for sensors and stack lights.

Quanta reader software includes unique features such as read persistence, stage reading, web-based configuration, and integration services with our Q-Share data and IoT event hub.


Data and IoT Event Hub

Services to collect RFID read events into a centralized cloud-based data hub to share that information effectively across your organization and to business partners. Integration may be point-to-point to local systems, or published as part of an IOT event to MES and ERP systems, data warehouses, or a block chain.

Communications are always managed through secure and reliable messaging methods with our Q-Portal reader.


RFID Tag Management

Identify products, packaging, and assets with an Electronic Product Code (EPC) encoded into Radio Frequency Identification tags and labels. Commissioning and encoding tools create a business relationship, which combined with our RFID printer technology will validate the ability of the tag to be read.


Format and Label Management

Quanta can design and print your labels so that you can properly identify your products and protect your brand image. Formatting tools will ensure compliant barcodes, that combined with our label printer technology will validate the ability of the barcode to be scanned.

Quanta has developed and implemented barcode and radio frequency identification data collection solutions that enable information about your products to be captured and shared real-time within your organization, and easily across your business partners.